About Us

We Take Great Trips takes the adventure of travel and brings it within the reach of everyone to have the trip of their dreams each and every time. We have blended the reach of the best resources in the travel industry with the personal attention you would expect if your travel consultant was a trusted friend.

As a trusted friend, we want to plan with you as if yours was the only trip we were arranging. We bring to that planning the most amazing resources in the travel industry. We will search these resources to be certain the trip you take comes as close to fulfilling your travel desires as is possible. We do that whether you know exactly where you want to go, when you want to go there, and what you want to do during the trip, or you simply know you would like to go somewhere.

By focusing on you and your interests and desires, we can personalize a trip that matches the important aspects of your trip - who is traveling, when and why you will be traveling, with what you want the experience to be like for you and anyone traveling with you. Through our vast network, we have access to knowledge and expertise in a number of settings and destinations all over the world. We can tailor your travel plans to include things that will make your travel experience the unique adventure you are seeking

At We Take Great Trips, our specialty is working with you to discover what travel experience is the best fit your wants and needs. This is a unique approach to travel that is possible because of the amazing resources we have available at We Take Great Trips to literally translate the things you tell us are desirable, important, even necessary, into possibilities that encompass these things as we present you with travel options to consider.

This means that if you know where you want to travel and when, we can customize the experience to fit the other things that are important to you. It also means that if you only have a general idea of the trip you want to take, we can offer you options that will provide the experience that will make you happy. We have access to experts in every area of travel and will work with you to get the best fit possible in your travel experience.

Your experience with We Take Great Trips will be as satisfying as if you had done all the planning yourself without the anxiety of wondering if you missed anything.

BIOGRAPHY - David C. Bloom

David BloomI have enjoyed traveling for all of my adult life. We have traveled by most means from putting a tent on top of the car to cruises and escorted tours. I have been involved in planning trips for myself and my family as well as for friends and business associates.

I begin by talking with the person about what they want from the travel experience they are planning. This allows me to present travel options that might not come up in a more traditional discussion.

Top Destinations

While I have had the opportunity to travel extensively, I have discovered there is always someone who knows more about a particular destination than I do. I have found that by contacting these people and asking them specific questions about the place they know intimately, I can sample the best of a wide variety of destinations to give the people I am working with great options to pursue in planning their next great trip.


I have a particular interest in helping families and other groups of friend and acquaintances plan trips that combine the joy of shared interests and experiences with the convenience of travel where the details are taken care of, leaving the participants to simply enjoy the experience. Group travel can take on many forms. We can help you plan a trip around a particular interest, like a hobby. We can plan travel for extended families where one member has a disability , allowing everyone to enjoy the total travel experience. Sometimes simply allowing your travel dream to expand tp include a group can bring the dream within everyone’s reach. These are some of the things we can do.

Recent Trips

Some of my most memorable trips have included extensive travel in the US and Canada. I have been involved in rail travel in Europe and cruising in the Caribbean and Alaska. I have also been on two group tours to Israel. I belief this varied history of both traveling and planning travel, along with the incredible travel resources I have formed associations with, puts me in the position to plan, vision and dream with people who want to take great trips.

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